A cardboard baler is a simple yet very effective piece of equipment, which is designed to help businesses from all sectors save money, space and time on their recyclable waste.

A baler works by crushing down voluminous cardboard. The waste can then be manually tied together, stacked and collected by a recycler – the cycle then continues. By always using this method, what benefits do businesses receive from handling their recyclable waste in this way? This article will explain all.

Cost savings

Any business that tells you it doesn’t always try to save money and cut costs would be lying. What businesses don’t want however is cutting costs by using cheap and unreliable equipment. Using a cardboard baler not only saves money but it is a robust piece of kit, which is designed to last for years.

So how do these cost savings occur?

A simple swap from using cardboard recycling bins to a cardboard baler.

Bins are what we always use for waste though, why the need for change?

We always use bins at home, outdoors and at work; they are fine for containing non-voluminous waste like food wrappers, which have to go to landfill but not whole cardboard boxes. Think about the volume of a whole box and the size of a large wheelie bin – the bin would be full in no time at all. Once a bin is full it needs emptying, which costs money for each lift, this can soon become very expensive but it doesn’t need to be this way. A cardboard baler will process all the waste cardboard in the business, rendering the cardboard bins useless. They can be removed from the site, which immediately takes away collection costs. Cardboard is turned into bales, which recyclers will collect cheaply or in most cases for free due to their value. So it is a simple case of removing expensive collections and in return receiving free or low cost collections.

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What other benefits does a cardboard baler bring?

As well as cost savings, a cardboard baler saves businesses space and time. Swapping one or more bins for a baler will save space, especially in areas where room is tight. Most cardboard


balers use the same footprint as just one 1100 litre bin. Balers are also flexible enough to be placed in the most convenient of locations, so there are no restrictions like there is with bins having to sit in a designated waste area. The outdoor bin area can become roomier and tidier or if enough bins are removed, a new seating or storage area could be created in its place. As a cardboard baler can be placed virtually anywhere, it is always advised that it is located close to the waste source. This saves time taking trips to the bin area. In order to save space in cardboard bins, many businesses find themselves flat-packing the cardboard to cram as much in a bin as possible – this is not only tedious but it’s a distraction and a waste of staff time.


A cardboard baler works in a completely different and all round better way than cardboard bins. Any business which is producing waste cardboard and using bins should strongly consider a cardboard baler to improve the waste handling system and to save money.